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Funding Sources

Business Grants 2013 provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs (Individuals, LLC’s and more) in search of potential funders. Business Grants 2013 has thousands of funding sources which include Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Federal and State Programs, Banks and Foundations. Business Grants 2013 makes sure it's program and funding sources are up-to-date, while adding many more on a weekly basis. Business Grants 2013 provides access to its  platform for a fee of one hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($199), which also includes a business plan, unlimited federal applications (core form & cover letter) and unlimited proposals. These documents are basic essentials for the aspiring entrepreneur, as well as for existing businesses, to increase their chances of searching and locating funding. 

Business plan

A business plan is one of the most essential pieces of documentation an aspiring entrepreneur or business person can have. It is useful for bank loans, federal programs, and potential investors. It also assists the business owners to plan their next move according to market trends, budget allowances, and potential growth. Professional writers for a business plan can often cost thousands of dollars.




Business Proposals

Many of our clients find proposals to be somewhat confusing, and for this purpose our program developers have simplified the process. After filling out a few simple questions, our program will create the customized proposal for you. You can then download the proposal for as many funding sources as you feel you are eligible to apply to.


Many applicants find the applications to be somewhat confusing, and for this purpose our program has simplified the process. After filling out a few simple questions, our program will create the application for you (core form & cover letter). You can then download the applications, as well as a professional cover letter, for as many programs as you feel you are eligible to apply. While some federal programs have their own specific application forms, many use the standard form 424, Application for Federal Assistance.

Customer and Technical assistance

Business Grants 2013 understands that not everyone can be computer-savvy. Our program is user friendly with complete technical assistance at every step. Our customer support department will provide business plan, application and proposal consultation. Also, they will provide step by step instructions and answer any of your questions on using our product by phone and email.

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